Gadsden Global Family Literacy Enhancement Inc is a non-profit organization which has been started with an objective to reduce the illiteracy rate among our people. We believe every human being deserves to be an educated and well-developed person in their life but there are most of the regions or parts of this world where many people are still facing issues of illiteracy since their governments are not taking the proper initiatives to fight this cause.


Our organization helps all those with less or no basic education in ESL (English as Second Language) and basics of trade in their communities. We invite all Low income taxpayers to enroll in the program with no payment. We teach, represent and advocate for the low income taxpayers in knowing their tax obligations and responsibilities to their communities. We are on a mission to diminish the illiteracy barriers among our people with less privileges and fight for their basic education rights. We provide basic education facilities to less privileged and low incomers, middle-class kids, adults, families, and communities. We are a non-profit organization on a mission to exterminate the illiteracy rate in the world by giving education for free of cost.


Education is the basic right and need of every person and unlike well-established communities and groups, lower-class and middle-class communities also deserves to be educated like any other person with legit educational facilities and privileges. We started our organization with a mission to decrease illiteracy rate in the world and thus we want our supporters and well-wishers to contribute as much as they can in our noble cause.